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Industries reliant on calibration, such as the aerospace, automotive and defense sectors, depend on comprehensive calibration certificates for company records and third-party audits. This documentation provides your company with an overview, as well as an in-depth analysis, of your equipment’s calibration, adjustment and verification by a qualified technician. As a respected veteran of the industry, Micron Inspection & Calibration delivers accurate calibration certificates that provide your organization with critical information.


This service provides:

  • Instant Access to any certificate for review
  • Automatic Emails when a gage needs adjustment or fails
  • Reduced waste, management & paperwork
  • Calibration history reporting tools
  • Immediate gage location and status
  • Automatic backup and history so your Certificates are always safe
  • Monthly Calibration Due Lists for planning and operator notification

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Micron Inspection & Calibration utilizes this unique service to manage calibration systems tailored to our customer’s needs. There is no need to develop and manage your own system! Call us for questions regarding this powerful and unique management option, 717-266-5775.

If you’re looking for Micron’s scope of accreditation and supporting certificates, we have them available online.

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What’s Included in a MicronPA Calibration Certificate?

Our calibration certificates arrive with all the required information for reporting and audit checks, including the following:

  • Inspection dates
  • Instrumentation specifications
  • Technician name
  • Laboratory name
  • Before-and-after values
  • Contact information

As well as producing a hard copy of our long-form competitive calibration certificates for you, we also make the record available via a secure online system. To access your document, you’ll use your designated login credentials. From your company’s account, you can view, manage and back up all your calibration certifications, as well as check the location and status of your gages.

Additional features of our online web certificates include:

  • Automated email service alerts for gages
  • Scheduled backups for certificates
  • Generated organizational lists for planning and notifying operators

If you have questions about your online account or calibration certificate, you’re welcome to contact our team using the form below.

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How Are Accurate Calibration Certificates Produced?

As a calibration service provider with more than 20 years of experience, we ensure the development of our competitive calibration certificates adheres to recognized industry standards, which begin at calibration, adjustment and verification. As a result, our team of experienced and qualified technicians follows the procedures outlined by ASTM, NAVAIR, ANSI and ASME. Plus, they partake in year-round training to expand their skills and industry knowledge.

Respected organizations have also accredited MicronPA, including:

  • American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA)

Specific accreditations we carry include ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994. Thus, we ensure our processes match the industry’s strictest regulations and utilize sophisticated equipment, which results in respected and trusted calibration certificates that provide your company with reliable results that adhere to reporting and auditing standards.

Why Choose MicronPA as Your Calibration Service Provider?

Companies across central Pennsylvania, as well as Virginia and Maryland, choose us as their calibration service provider. Some of the reasons why include the following:

  • Maintain accreditation by the nation’s leading agencies
  • Offer more than 20 years of expertise
  • Provide rapid turnarounds and on-site calibration
  • Deliver equipment within five business days
  • Certification of calibration includes data

As a family-owned company, our personal and professional approach to business is also considered a benefit by many of our customers.

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At MicronPA, our calibration certificates emphasize our extensive experience, as well as our role as an industry-leading calibration service provider. By applying more than two decades of experience, we’ve gone beyond the traditional hard copy certificate and evolved to include electronic copies that offer your company flexibility, as well as additional security for this must-have document.

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