If you work in the metalworking industry, engineering, aerospace, automotive or another industry that requires precise measuring of very short distances, you probably use micrometers every day. You also know that when you are dealing with such small measurements, a micrometer being even a little off can have catastrophic consequences.

This is why it is so important that you calibrate your micrometers regularly, and why when you do, you use a company whose micrometer calibration standard is the highest possible. You want a micrometer calibration company with the experience and reputation that will give you the confidence they will return incredibly accurate micrometers to you.

In South Central Pennsylvania, Virginia Beach, Virginia and surrounding areas, that company is MicronPA.

A2LA Certified Micrometer Calibration Services From MicronPA

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MicronPA has the micrometer calibration standard you need. We are an A2LA-accredited calibration company that is experienced with all manner of micrometer calibration, including:

  • Head micrometer calibration
  • Bore micrometer calibration
  • Depth micrometer calibration
  • Groove micrometer calibration

We perform inside, outside and threat pitch micrometer calibration. We are experienced with all major brands of micrometer, including Mitutoyo, Starrett, iGaging and Fowler. If you have a micrometer that needs calibration, adjustment or repair, we can handle it.

Why Choose MicronPA’s Micrometer Calibration Lab?

It starts with our micrometer calibration certificate. We have an American Association for Laboratory Accreditation accredited lab to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994. We had to work hard for this accreditation and we display it proudly so you feel confident you have the best people and tools working on your micrometer calibration.

In addition to our extremely high micrometer calibration standard, we show exceptional commitment to customer service. We are a family-owned company local to York, Pennsylvania and treat every company as part of one valued community. We will take the time to learn and meet your specific needs when it comes to your instrument calibration.

We know those needs include making sure calibration and repair services can fit your budget, which is why we offer fast, free quotes on our micrometer calibration services so you can plan ahead. We also know the necessity of getting your micrometers back in service fast, which is why we turn around most jobs in five days or less. We are happy to pick up and deliver your micrometers from our lab or work on your turf.

Contact MicronPA for NIST-Traceable Micrometer Calibration in PA, MD, VA or DC Today

We have been meeting the calibration needs of companies all over Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and DC with our main and mobile calibration labs for over 20 years. We would love for you to join our growing family and never have to worry about having accurately calibrated micrometers again. To get started, contact us online or give us a call today at 717-266-5775 for service or a free quote.