MicronPA provides dimensional inspection services for clients in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia. Building on our experience as a leader in equipment calibration, we offer a range of related consulting and dimensional inspection services that help you bring more accurate and cost-effective products to market.

We have experience consulting for several different industries. No matter what sector you’re in, we’ll take the time to assess your business and its priorities to provide incisive advice and accurate dimensional inspections that contribute to your overall success.

Gage block for calibration dimension equipment

Our Dimensional Equipment Capabilities

  • 1-2-3 Blocks
  • Air Gauges Calibration
  • Angle Blocks Calibration
  • Angle Plate Calibration
  • Bench Centers Calibration
  • Bore Gauges Calibration
  • Calipers Calibration
  • Chamfer Gauges Calibration
  • Crimpers Calibration
  • Cylindrical Plug Gauge Calibration
  • Cylindrical Ring Gauge Calibration
  • Depth Gauges Calibration
  • Dial & Electronic Indicator Calibration
  • Digital Readouts Calibration
  • Electronic Amplifier Calibration
  • Feeler Gage Calibration
  • Gauge Blocks Calibration
  • Glass Scale Calibration
  • Hardness Testers Calibration
  • Height Gauges Calibration
  • Height Masters Calibration
  • Hole Gauges Calibration
  • Horizontal Measuring Systems Calibration
  • Laser Micrometers Calibration
  • Length Measuring Standards Calibration
  • Levels Calibration, Bubble
  • Levels Calibration, Electronic
  • Linear Transducer & LVDT Calibration
  • Master Setting Plugs Calibration
  • Master Setting Rings Calibration
  • Micrometers Calibration
  • Microscopes Calibration
  • Optical Comparators Calibration
  • Parallels Calibration
  • Pin Gauges Calibration
  • Plug Gage Calibration
  • Protractors & Digital Protractors
  • Radius Gauges Calibration
  • Ring Gage Calibration
  • Ring Gages (Plain and Thread)
  • Rules Calibration
  • Sine Bars Calibration
  • Snap Gauges Calibration
  • Squares Calibration, Cylindrical
  • Straight Edges Calibration
  • Super Micrometers Calibration
  • Surface Finish Analyzers Calibration
  • Surface Finish Standards Calibration
  • Surface Plates Calibration
  • Tape Measures Calibration
  • Taper Gages
  • Thickness Gauges Calibration
  • Thread Measuring Wires
  • Thread Plugs Calibration
  • Thread Rings Calibration
  • Thread Wires Calibration
  • V-Block Calibration
  • and many more…

Contact and Non-Contact Dimensional Inspection Options

MicronPA has built our reputation by leveraging advanced equipment to solve the challenges which affect clients in demanding industries. Depending on your dimensional inspection and testing needs, we can provide either single-point probing and scanning using a Brown & Sharpe coordinate measuring machine (CMM) or non-contact dimensional inspections using vision systems such as our MIC OGP Quest 450 Smartscope. Products and parts containing porous or compressible materials often require non-contact dimensional inspections that only these tools can provide.

brown and sharpe coordinate measuring machine cmmOMP quest 450

Recently, we have upgraded our capabilities to offer both mobile and laboratory 3D scanning services using Creaform’s HandyPROBE and MetraSCAN tools. For more information about potential applications for this technology or to request a demonstration at one of our lunch-and-learn events, please contact the MicronPA labs directly.

On-Site Calibrations

One key advantage of making MicronPA your partner for equipment calibrations and dimensional inspections in Central PA and beyond is our extensive on-site service capabilities. On-site service saves you the time and expense required to ship out your important tools and reduces the risk of damage during transit. Our team will work quickly to minimize disruption to your operation. Best of all, we’ll do it at no extra cost to effectively give you free same-day service.

On-site equipment calibrations are available for clients from Lancaster and throughout Central PA, as well as parts of Virginia and Maryland. If there’s a tool we can’t calibrate on-site, or if more extensive repairs are required, we’ll arrange safe and fast shipping to our York, PA, laboratory.

Industries We Serve

We bring more than 30 years of engineering expertise to support customer requests and help solve the challenges your business faces. Our team has extensive experience in medical device manufacturing, aerospace and defense, automotive, pharmaceutical and other industries where precision is essential. Some services we can provide include:

  • First article testing and capability studies conducted for medical and commercial suppliers, beginning with technical analysis of data package, drawings and examination of the test piece.
  • 2D and 3D measurement and laser scanning
  • 3rd party dimensional inspections for product certification and verification purposes
  • Applied statistical data analysis
  • Statistical Monte-Carlo simulations of limited customer variable databases
  • Plastic and metal part design and fabrication
  • Life reliability studies, qualification and validation of assets and equipment
  • Repeatability and reliability (R&R) studies
  • Abrasion, torque and force testing

For first article testing and capabilities studies, we begin with a comprehensive technical analysis of all data packages and engineering drawings. Then, we provide an examination of the test piece using sophisticated scanning and measurement equipment.

We are fully accredited to provide verification services for clients in highly regulated industries. Our facilities and processes are compliant with ISO/IEC 17025:2017, ANSI/NCSL Z540-1:1994 and NIST traceability standards, among other relevant certifications.

Serving PA, VA and MD

MicronPA is a valued partner to quality control professionals throughout Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland. We provide dimensional inspection services that help you improve your products, keep your stakeholders and users happy and ultimately run a more profitable business.

As more industries fall under the scope of various regulations and consumers continue to demand more reliable products, dimensional inspection and testing will continue to be a critical part of the manufacturing and product development processes.

To request a meeting with a MicronPA team member and learn more about what we can do for you, call or email our York, PA, head lab today.