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Whether you work in the aerospace, medical or automotive industries, the components you manufacture must be precise. Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) is an internationally recognized process for defining parameters and facilitating accuracy. MicronPA offers GD&T inspection services to support your operation’s precision manufacturing.

What Is a GD&T Study?

When you manufacture a part, you create a design model to represent how the physical component should look. A design with basic dimensions is not enough to make a precise part, which is where GD&T measurements come in. With a GD&T study, technicians can determine how much a physical component can deviate from the design without reducing its performance.

GD&T language is widely recognized in industry regulations for validation, and it consists of various symbols, rules, definitions, dimensions and tolerances that communicate design specifications. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) have created standards for GD&T language to facilitate communication between engineering and production departments.

With exact dimensions and tolerances, engineers and manufacturers can maintain component quality and use best production practices for the most effective results.

Why Use GD&T Inspection Services?

A GD&T study is valuable to engineers and manufacturers alike. MicronPA offers this service for the many advantages it provides companies. With GD&T inspection services, you gain valuable insight into your components’ fit and function so you can maximize the accuracy and effectiveness of your manufacturing processes.

GD&T analysis improves the communication between engineers and manufacturers. When designs include precise measurements and limitations, manufacturers can find the best method of production. Fleshed-out plans also make it easier to perform inspections on produced components to confirm their accuracy. With more defined parameters, you can ensure all of your parts fit together.

When you’re developing complex components, GD&T can help you determine specifications that might be challenging to identify on your own. MicronPA follows ISO standards to help you communicate the correct tolerances for the most advanced metrology projects.

After the study, we’ll compile your GD&T measurements in an easy-to-read report, so you can communicate your objectives and understand the changes you need to make right away.

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MicronPA Is Your Source for a GD&T Study

Our certified technicians use industry-leading technology to support your dimensioning and tolerancing needs. We take the time to understand your unique requirements and give you all the resources you need to make design and manufacturing changes.

At MicronPA, we also value your time. We know manufacturing operations work with strict schedules, and we take these into account when providing our dimensional inspection services. With our fast turnaround times and readable reports, you can rapidly move forward with the next steps.

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MicronPA has over three decades of experience in dimensional inspection. We understand the demands of technical industries, and we remain dedicated to providing inspection services that help you maintain the utmost precision. We work out of York, Pennsylvania, and support operations throughout Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

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