At MicronPA, we offer scanning inspection services to support the development of your PPAP manufacturing processes. We can provide our scanning services at various stages in your PPAP, including:

  • First run and prototype parts
  • Samples
  • Before shipment
  • Incoming parts

With our various scanning inspection services, from computed tomography to process capability studies, we can ensure your parts meet design specifications and support documentation for PPAP.

What Is PPAP?

The production part approval process is a standard in the automotive industry that ensures manufacturers meet all requirements described in designs and specifications. PPAP manufacturing follows these requirements before, during and after manufacturing and focuses on manufacturers’ abilities to reproduce parts within stated production rates.

Manufacturers typically rely on the PPAP manual to follow a checklist for all required elements of the approval process. This list includes five levels requiring submissions of parts samples and data to the customer. The complete process is required in circumstances such as:

  • Engineering changes
  • New parts
  • Corrections
  • Material source or supplier change
  • Material change
  • Tooling replacements or additions
  • Location change

PPAP requires documentation on design, engineering changes and customer approvals for engineering changes. It also involves information on process flows, failure and risk assessments, sample parts and part submission warrants. All of this data serves as verification to the customer that a supplier is prepared to create their product.

Why Use PPAP Inspection Services?

PPAP manufacturing guarantees the quality of components, and it’s a requirement for supply chain management. Ultimately, the process offers value to suppliers and customers. While suppliers can be sure they’re providing precision parts, customers know they’ll receive components that meet their specifications.

This clear communication is a safety net for suppliers and customers, and it’s only one of the benefits of PPAP inspection services. Other advantages include:

  • Maintains design integrity
  • Helps manage supply changes
  • Reduces costs and warranty charges associated with poor quality parts
  • Enforces formal planning, parts conformance and approval
  • Identifies undeveloped plans
  • Improves product quality

With a firm PPAP process in action, your manufacturing operation can significantly improve product quality and strengthen customer relationships. MicronPA wants you to have confidence in your manufacturing process from beginning to end, and with our PPAP inspection services, we ensure you’re prepared to meet every customer requirement.

The Benefits of MicronPA

At MicronPA, we take a personalized approach to our customers’ needs. We offer scanning inspection services at several stages in the PPAP process, verifying that your manufacturing protocols result in durable, precise parts every time.

Our trained technicians are prepared to handle your inspection services with utmost efficiency. We understand how valuable your time is in a fast-paced industry. With our quick turnaround times and experienced crew, we’ll complete your inspection services accurately and on schedule.

Inquire About Our PPAP Inspection Services

MicronPA has worked in this industry for over 30 years, and we’re prepared to handle your inspection needs with accuracy. Get a quote for our PPAP inspection services today, or contact our team to learn more about what we can do for you.