If your parts have high level of porosity or inclusions, they may not work the way they should. At MicronPA, we perform porosity testing when you need a composition analysis to confirm material uniformity.

What Is an Extended Porosity/Inclusion Analysis?pores and porosity

Porosity and inclusion analysis examines internal part structure with nondestructive testing. Porosity refers to air bubbles or gaps in the material, while an inclusion is any foreign material or area of atypical density within the component.

A high percentage of porosity is unwanted regardless of the nature of the part, as excess air bubbles and insufficient density can compromise a part’s integrity and cause performance issues such as premature part failure or leakage.

This analysis is ideal for plastic and cast parts because these processes have a higher risk of inconsistent densities than other types.

In industries like aerospace and automotive, manufacturers can ensure that products meet requirements for material consistency by using a porosity analysis.

What Are the Benefits of this Analysis?

Porosity analysis with MicronPA offers numerous benefits for your manufacturing processes. These advantages include:

  • Nondestructive: We use computed tomography (CT) to pinpoint location and size of internal defects such as porosity, cracks, and pore size distribution.
  • Quantifiable: With our technology, we can provide exact volume measurements for different areas and pinpoint specific locations on your component where porosity may be an issue. Our measures can include a percentage of porosity, pore coordinates and pore size.

Why Work With MicronPA?

At MicronPA, we strive to understand your unique business and manufacturing needs. When you work in precision industries, inspection services are critical to your accuracy, and we offer a range of capabilities to accommodate your requirements. While we provide product scans for porosity and voids, we also use other CT scan services to support your manufacturing.

While you can consider us your single source for inspection needs, we also understand the value of your time. With our expert technicians, advanced equipment and fast turnaround times, we ensure you get results as soon as you need them. Our services enable you to identify and act on potential areas of improvement while keeping up with your scheduling requirements.

Contact Us for a Porosity Analysis

MicronPA operates out of an accredited and certified laboratory in York, and we provide our services to operations throughout Pennsylvania and beyond. We have over 30 years of experience in this industry, and we aim to meet your inspection needs whenever they arise.

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