Gages are precise measuring instruments that determine the thickness of a material or coating. Various types of gages exist, from paint and coating thickness gages to laser micrometers and ultrasonic thickness devices. These tools are critical for ensuring quality control across a range of industries, including consumer products, steel fabrication, paper and packaging, electronics, paint manufacturing, automotive, and defense.

Regularly calibrating thickness gages is vital for ensuring dimensional accuracy, material strength, flatness and formability in all these applications. At MicronPA, we serve central Pennsylvania with thickness calibration services and some of the industry’s shortest turnaround times. We provide mobile calibration services for various measuring devices. Several pickup and delivery options are available for instruments that require calibration at our facility.

What Is Coating, Paint and Ultrasonic Thickness Gage Calibration?

Coating thickness gages — also referred to as paint thickness gages — are instruments that measure the thickness of surface coating on various materials. Many of these tools offer multiple capabilities, from measuring dry film thickness to ensuring a coating’s appearance complies with industry standards. Choosing a reputable metrology company like MicronPA to regularly calibrate your coating thickness gages is vital for confirming dimensional accuracy in all your processes.

Several calibration methods are available for coating thickness gages. Common approaches include zero- or single-point calibration, smooth calibration, two-point calibration, and two-foil calibration.

Ultrasonic gages measure a sample’s thickness nondestructively using the precise timing of echoes. These instruments require strict calibration and preprogramming with the speed of sound and the necessary zero offset or echo shape to translate data into accurate thickness measurements. An ultrasonic measurement’s accuracy is only as good as the calibration. Inaccuracies in the calibration method will produce incorrect instrument readings on the production floor or in the quality control laboratory.

The Benefits of Material Gage Thickness Calibration

At MicronPA, we provide highly accurate physical dimensional calibration services for a broad selection of measuring instruments. Our certified technicians, short turnaround times and same-day service options keep operations moving with minimal downtime.

Some of the benefits of working with us for thickness gage calibration include:

  • Greater accuracy in measurements: Accurate calibration ensures that products meet customer specifications and industry regulations.
  • Increased productivity: Calibrated tools result in fewer inaccuracies, less downtime and improved process efficiency.
  • Improved dimensional stability: Precise calibration helps minimize spoilage, scrap pieces and rework orders.

The Advantages of Partnering With MicronPA

For many businesses, utilizing a certified calibration company is an industry requirement. At MicronPA, we hold accreditation with ISO/IEC 17025 and ANSI/NCSL Z540.1. We leverage our technical knowledge, advanced equipment, industry-standard best practices and decades of combined experience to provide you with top-class calibration service.

Discover More With MicronPA

If you want to learn more about how our calibration services can benefit your operation, the professionals at MicronPA can guide you. We partner with businesses across central Pennsylvania and the surrounding regions, offering on-site and remote services. Contact us online today to request a price or additional information.