Precision is critical in manufacturing, especially in industries like automotive, pharmaceuticals and aerospace. While you may produce your parts according to models made with computer-aided design (CAD) software, you need confirmation that your production process led to accurate results. With part-to-CAD comparison from MicronPA, you can identify problems in your prototypes and early parts to make manufacturing changes.

What Is Part-to-CAD Comparison?

At MicronPA, we use computed tomography (CT) scanning to create a 3D model of a part. With this scan, we can begin CAD model validation by comparing the dimensions and specifications of your part to the initial CAD model of the product.

Our 3D models show extensive detail, making it possible to compare angles, lengths, hole locations and more.

Scan-to-CAD analysis is one of many ways to use a 3D model for an accuracy check.

Part-to-CAD Inspection Services Support Precision Manufacturing

One of the benefits of part-to-CAD deviation analysis is the ability to pick up on problems early in the manufacturing process. If we use our CT scans as part of a first article inspection or during the prototyping stage, you can catch production problems before you mass produce. With processes like best-fit alignment, we can account for complex shapes and measurements, giving you an exacting reading of your part.

Catching these problems early on can help you save money and improve the relationship you have with your customers. When you supply parts that meet a buyer’s precise specifications, they’ll come to you for future projects, and your operation will gain a good reputation.

Our complete mesh models yield a comprehensive view of parts development. With color mapping models, you can see distinct areas where a part lacked accuracy. We also offer easy-to-read reports. When you complete a scan-to-CAD analysis with MicronPA, you’ll have all the resources you need to make production changes for improved accuracy.

The Advantages of MicronPA

At MicronPA, we have a team of dedicated and experienced technicians who can handle your part-to-CAD  inspection services with precision and efficiency. Our industry-leading dimensional inspection equipment allows us to create 3D models with ease. We also take time to understand your unique needs to give you the best possible service experience.

Our easy-to-read reference materials offer support throughout the manufacturing process, so you can continue to produce high-quality parts at every stage of production. We also understand how valuable time is in a manufacturing operation. With our fast turnaround times, you can make fixes before bigger problems arise, minimizing downtime so you can stay on schedule.

Request a Quote for Part-to-CAD Analysis

MicronPA has over 30 years of experience supporting manufacturing precision. Our certified and accredited lab is based in York, PA, and we serve manufacturing operations throughout Pennsylvania and beyond. Make use of our part-to-CAD inspection services and get a free quote today. If you’d like to learn more about our services, please reach out to our team.