Process capability analysis and studies have become increasingly common for businesses that need to assess critical components and variables within their production. One of the primary roles of process capability analysis is evaluating the consistency of a company’s specific process to ensure it meets the needs and expectations of new and existing clients.

At MicronPA, we leverage advanced tools and years of experience to help businesses across various industries understand their production accuracy, speed and efficiency.

What Is Process Capability?

Process capability analysis and studies involve examining production or manufacturing processes to determine whether they meet specific product requirements or industry standards. A process typically has different sequences of steps, operations or procedures contributing to a final product or result. Processes often involve specific tools, materials, machines or personnel for each actionable step.

Process capability analysis can help control, monitor, measure or reduce the variation per step. The primary goal of process capability analysis is to consistently produce an acceptable product, regardless of variations in the operations or procedures. Many of these studies form data sets based on variables like potential capability and capacity during production to create a bell curve of standards.

How Does Process Capability Analysis Work?

Several steps are required to perform a thorough process capability analysis or study. One of the initial steps is calculating the upper and lower limits for the final product’s specifications. The production management team often defines these limits, although a new customer may sometimes require specific parameters for a unique product.

The most critical step involves collecting samples and measuring variables in an existing production process to determine the average and standard deviation of the output. Gathering a large sample size of data over an extended period is critical for ensuring thorough, accurate sampling.

The Benefits of Process Capability Analysis and Studies

Companies often perform process capability analysis and studies when developing a new product or process to ensure the final result meets specific standards. An analysis is also essential when a business acquires a new customer and needs to provide assurance it will deliver consistent accuracy in its products or services. The primary advantage of process capability is cost savings through various avenues, including:

  • Creating a process that consistently and reliably meets product specification requirements.
  • Minimizing the need for extensive in-process testing, final inspection and quality assurance in manufacturing.
  • Decreasing spoilage and reducing the number of finished goods requiring rework or repair.

Why Choose MicronPA?

At MicronPA, we know how valuable your time is. With our trained and certified technicians, we can complete a process capability analysis quickly and accurately. We have highly accurate and repeatable measuring equipment such as CMM, Vision System and CT Scanner to conduct such studies involving any quantity of parts.

We’re a proudly accredited and certified company, making us a trustworthy partner for your inspection needs. We also pride ourselves on our attentive customer service. Our team members take the time to understand your professional and manufacturing needs to customize your inspection solutions. We can provide process capability studies as a single service or use multiple inspection methods for your manufacturing processes.

Work With MicronPA for Process Capability Analysis

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, MicronPA offers the expertise and precision you need for process capability analysis. We operate in York, Pennsylvania, and serve companies throughout our home state and beyond. Get a free quote from us today or contact our team for more information.