MicronPA offers process capability studies for manufacturing operations. With this analysis, one can statistically establish short and long term process capability to ensure that the established processes will produce parts to specifications.

What Are Process Capability Studies?

A capability study measures various dimensions of a part to calculate statistical values such as Cp and CpK. These stats can reveal a system’s process capability, or the extent to which its output adheres to the required specifications for a given part.

Industries like automotive and commercial production tend to use capability studies to support manufacturing processes and ensure the components they produce are within tolerance.

At MicronPA, we can use process capability analysis for troubleshooting manufacturing processes. Capability studies are also helpful during a first article inspection (FAI), when you need to verify your process before mass production.

Why Choose MicronPA?

At MicronPA, we know how valuable your time is. With our trained and certified technicians, we can complete a process capability analysis quickly and accurately. We have highly accurate and repeatable measuring equipment such as CMM, Vision System, and CT Scanner to conduct such studies involving any quantity of parts.

We’re a proudly accredited and certified company, making us a trustworthy partner for your inspection needs. We also pride ourselves on our attentive customer service. Our team members take the time to understand your professional and manufacturing needs to customize your inspection solutions. We can provide process capability studies as a single service or use multiple inspection methods for your manufacturing processes.

Work With MicronPA for Process Capability Analysis

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, MicronPA offers the expertise and precision you need for process capability analysis. We operate in York, Pennsylvania, and serve companies throughout Maryland, Virginia and our home state. Get a free quote from us today or contact our team for more information.