pressure gage calibrationIn addition to calibrating and inspecting your gages, the team at MicronPA serves as a premium gage distributor by partnering with several well-known brands. This service helps us achieve our goal of being a one-stop shop for companies needing comprehensive gage assistance.

Brands We Work With

We resell top-quality gages from several brands that meet our high standards.

Time Electronics

We offer several products from this calibration, test and measurement device manufacturer for applications such as:

  • Voltage: Benefit from precision multimeters and voltage calibrators.
  • Resistance: Verify your multimeter resistance ranges and enjoy the high accuracy of benchtop digital multimeters.
  • Temperature: Use hand-held calibrators for field calibration or decade boxes for Pt100 simulation.
  • Pressure: Control pressure with hydraulic and pneumatic pumps and calibrate various instruments in the field.

CDI Torque

As the largest supplier of industrial quality torque tools, CDI Torque meets our requirements with its ISO 9001 certification and premium digital torque measuring instruments. MicronPA carries electronic torque wrenches, torque screwdrivers and mechanical torque wrenches from this company. We also sell:

  • Split beam torque wrenches
  • Interchangeable head torque wrenches
  • Torque heads
  • Multipliers

hematech leak testerHeMaTech

We understand the importance of accurate leakage test results, which is why we partnered with HeMaTech Pr├╝ftechnik as their sole distributor in the USA. Access instruments like the HeMaTech 3925-0071, which uses contamination-free compressed air to test for leaks without requiring cleaning, drying or rust protection.
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Vermont Gage

As Vermont Gage distributors, we provide a wide range of this manufacturer’s gage options, including:

  • Hex gages
  • Long length gages
  • Thread gages
  • Gage accessories
  • Standard pin gages and sets

Why Work With MicronPA

When you work with MicronPA, you benefit by receiving all the gage services you need from a single source. Beyond providing in-house and on-site calibration and repair for your gages, we ensure all products we sell meet our stringent specifications. We pride ourselves on our various accreditations from The American Association for Laboratory Accreditation and our ISO 9001 certification.

Partnering with a premier gage distributor like MicronPA also means benefitting from our family business environment. You can trust that you’ll receive transparent, free quotes, fast turnaround times of about five days and helpful rush services.

Enjoy High-Quality Gage Products and Services From MicronPA

The MicronPA team services and sells gages to meet your needs. We strive to ensure you can produce the best products for your industry, whether your applications apply to the automotive, dental, medical, defense or aerospace sectors. Contact us today to learn how you can benefit from our strict attention to detail and high-quality calibration.