Our Accredited Calibration Standards and Certifications

At MicronPA, our ongoing commitment to supply our customers with accurate, qualified calibration services is what we’re all about. As your one-stop accredited calibration company capable of on-site, mobile, and laboratory calibrations, you can always rely on us to perform any calibration or inspection service you require with the utmost professionalism, transparency and care. That’s why every instrument calibration we conduct is done under the highest standards with the proper technical competence, so its certification is reliable, traceable and ultimately valuable in direct correlation to its application in your company.

Our Standards Make Us an Outstanding Accredited Calibration Firm

In sectors such as the aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical, medical device and defense industries, the professional calibration of sensitive instruments is a fundamental step in ensuring each company’s work is completed with accuracy and trustworthiness. It also means every calibration of an instrument must be part of a standardized process that is repeatable and meets that specific industry’s applicable regulations and requirements.

To emphasize why working with a fully qualified calibration company is so important, consider that we’re proud to be accredited to the following industry-leading standardization organizations by A2LA (The American Association for Laboratory Accreditation):

  • The International Organization for Standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission — ISO/IEC 17025:2017
  • The American National Standards Institute and the National Conference of Standards Laboratories — ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994
  • The American National Standards Institute and the National Conference of Standards Laboratories — ANSI/NCSL Z540.3-2006
  • A2LA – R205 Specific Requirements: Calibration Laboratory Accreditation Program


  • Certified ISO 9001:2015 by PRI

These accreditations each have strict guidelines and expectations on their own, so being accredited by all four provides a summative assurance to our customers that all of the work we carry out is both nationally and internationally correct, traceable and able to withstand the strictest scrutiny of their corresponding industry.

Our Certifications Are Comprehensive, Reliable and Audit-Ready

As any quality control or calibration manager who has been through a third-party audit knows, having calibration services performed correctly is only half of the process. Proving the results of those calibrations through easily accessible and comprehensive certifications is the other half.

This is why choosing MicronPA is such a prudent business choice. Our commitment to your organization’s success doesn’t end when we complete our calibration work. Each of the certificates we issue is a fully documented analysis of your instrument’s calibration, including any adjustments made and verification by one of our certified technicians.

Our certificates also include the following audit-ready information:

  • Date of the calibration
  • Calibration due date
  • Instrument specifications
  • Instrument description
  • Full name of the calibration technician
  • Name of the accredited laboratory
  • Calibration results with before and after data
  • Calibration status such as Pass/Fail/Adjusted
  • Complete contact information

To further assist your calibration documentation and data management, we offer secure web certificates in addition to hard copies. And once you have your account set up through our customer portal, you can print your calibration certificates, review instrument history, receive automated email alerts for future calibration services, as well as generate organizational lists for easier planning and notification of operators.

MicronPA — Dedicated to the Highest Standards

Inspired by the leadership and entrepreneurial spirit of our founder Avyayam Davé — a distinguished calibration and first article inspection expert, as well as a certified lead auditor of quality systems and statistical process control and supported by highly trained and dedicated team of metrologists— MicronPA has grown over the past two decades to become one of the most trusted calibration laboratories in the United States. With our on-site calibration and specialty services, we’re more committed than ever to supplying you with calibration excellence.

To learn more about us, our services and our certifications, contact us today.