In industries where performance and precision are critical, you rely on properly calibrated tools. At MicronPA, we offer extensive physical dimensional calibration services for a range of devices. With our certified technicians, fast turnaround times and same-day service options, you can maintain precision in every process.

We hold experience in a range of sectors with exacting requirements for accuracy and consistency. When you trust us with your calibration needs, we’ll provide services that support your operation’s success.

gage block calibration

Our NIST-Traceable Dimensional Calibration Capabilities

Your industry may rely on numerous physical instruments to achieve accuracy during product development. At MicronPA, we offer our dimensional calibration services for a wide range of measuring instruments. Our dimensional calibration capabilities support devices including:

  • 1-2-3 blocks
  • Air gages
  • Angle blocks
  • Angle plates
  • Bench centers
  • Bore gages
  • Calipers
  • Chamfer gages
  • Crimpers
  • Coating thickness and thickness meters
  • Cylindrical plug gages
  • Cylindrical ring gages
  • Depth gages
  • Dial and electronic indicators
  • Digital readouts
  • Electronic amplifiers
  • Feeler (thickness) gages
  • Gage blocks
  • Glass scales
  • Hardness testers
  • Height gages
  • Height masters
  • Hole gages
  • Horizontal measuring systems
  • Dial, digital and test indicators
  • Laser micrometers
  • Length measuring standards
  • Bubble and electronic levels
  • Linear transducers and LVDTs
  • Master setting plugs
  • Master setting rings
  • OD and ID micrometers
  • Microscopes
  • Optical comparators
  • Parallels
  • Cylindrical pin and plug gages
  • Precision levels and steel squares
  • Protractors, digital protractors and angle gages
  • Radius gages
  • Cylindrical, plain and threaded ring gages
  • Rules
  • Sine bars
  • Snap gages
  • Squares
  • Straight edges
  • Super micrometers
  • Surface finish analyzers
  • Surface finish and roughness standards
  • Surface plates
  • Tachometers, timers and stopwatches
  • Tape measures and steel rules
  • Taper gages
  • Thickness gages
  • UN, UN STI, metric external thread gages
  • Thread measuring wires
  • Thread plugs
  • Thread rings
  • Thread wires
  • V-Blocks

With our extensive capabilities, we cover every calibration need. If you’re looking to calibrate a device not listed here, get in touch with us to talk to our experts.

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Industries We Serve

Our calibration services are invaluable in fields where precision is critical. Industries we work with frequently include:

Regardless of your industry, our engineers and calibration experts work to ensure your instruments are as accurate as possible. As an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited company, we provide precise calibration services with audit-ready certifications from our trained and certified technicians.

When you trust MicronPA with your calibrations, you’ll have all the documentation you need for your data management processes. Our certifications include valuable information for maintaining equipment accuracy, including instrument specifications, calibration due dates, and before and after results.

Whether you develop medical devices or aircraft components, our services and certifications give you the precision and organization you need to meet industry standards.

Come to Us for On-Site Service

One of the many benefits of working with MicronPA is our on-site service capabilities. While we have fully equipped dimensional calibration labs, we also take our services directly to you, allowing you to cut costs and save time on transporting instruments to our location.

Our on-site services are available to companies in central Pennsylvania. We handle on-site services efficiently to ensure minimal disruption to your operation, and we never charge extra fees, allowing you to enjoy free same-day service.

If you have an instrument needing extensive repairs, we also offer calibration service at our lab in York, Pennsylvania. We’ll arrange fast and safe shipping for these circumstances to give you the best possible calibration experience.

Why Choose MicronPA?

Beyond our industry certifications and on-site service, MicronPA offers transparency and efficiency. We want you to know exactly what you’re getting from our services, including our full documentation process and experienced technicians. You’ll never pay unexpected or last-minute fees.

While precision is critical in your industry, we also understand the value of your time. Our fast turnaround times on in-lab calibration ensure you have the correct instruments when you need them most. We handle your calibration in about a week to get your critical devices back to you as soon as possible. Plus, our rush options give you even further flexibility for your production schedule.

Achieve High-Level Accuracy With MicronPA

MicronPA is the chosen partner for quality control specialists throughout Pennsylvania. With our 30 years of experience, we support product improvement, stakeholder satisfaction and overall company success.

As industry regulations expand and consumers demand more reliable and accurate products, our calibration services will ensure your operation meets the mark every time. Get in touch with MicronPA today to schedule a meeting or learn more about what we can do for you.

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