hematech leak testerHeMaTech leak testing equipment offers superior accuracy and user-friendly operation for organizations that need to test the tightness of their products. At MicronPA, we distribute HeMaTech instruments to give you access to these critical tools. With a range of leak testers available, operations can get the accurate measurement capabilities they need for their applications.

Leak Testing Products and Equipment From HeMaTech

HeMaTech is a leading manufacturer of leak testers and leak calibration equipment. With a high level of quality assurance and an innovative approach to engineering, HeMaTech develops trusted products for leak testing throughout product development.

Leak testing equipment is valuable across many industries, including automotive, electronics manufacturing and medical. During production, continuous leak testing can prove the tightness of certain components. The testing process for tightness levels can vary, but common approaches include underwater testing, flow measurement and pressure measurement.

HeMaTech offers three types of leak testers:

  • hematech leak tester 70pro
    Leak Tester 70pro:
    The 70pro provides the highest level of accuracy for leak testing to detect even the smallest leak in a component. It applies a differential pressure test to deliver clear digital readings.
  • hematech leak tester 75eco
    Leak Tester 75eco:
    The 75eco uses differential pressure testing to identify leaks in a component. This leak tester offers excellent performance at a more affordable cost and works for many standard applications.

Benefits of HeMaTech Leakage and Flow Testing Equipment

HeMaTech leakage and flow testing equipment provides various benefits to users.

  • User-friendly: HeMaTech instruments deliver unambiguous results with simple operation. Every instrument comes with operator guidance, and the modular designs support ease of service. The measured value display offers high readability for complete clarity following testing.
  • Versatile: Each instrument offers variable test pressures and testing times to adapt to the production of different parts. These systems can also be integrated into plant concepts.
  • Convenient: HeMaTech systems provide automatic test cycles and store test programs for convenient access during testing. The short cycle times allow users to complete leakage testing without sacrificing accuracy and reproducibility.
  • Contamination-free: These instruments allow you to test components without contaminating the component.

MicronPA Is Your Trusted Distributor for HeMaTech Instruments

MicronPA is currently the only distributor of HeMaTech instruments located in the United States. If you’re searching for high-performance, German-made leak testing equipment, you can count on our team to provide it. Not sure what type of leak tester you need? Our experienced technicians can help you find the right one for the job.

In addition to distributing HeMaTech equipment, you can turn to our team for gage calibration of your HeMaTech instruments and other gages you rely on throughout the production process.

Buy HeMaTech Leak Detectors From MicronPA

MicronPA is proud to be a distributor of an innovative brand like HeMaTech. We are also a trusted calibration laboratory in South Central PA that is happy to support the accuracy of your HeMaTech instruments with regular calibration services. With more than 17 years of experience in the industry, we understand the attention to detail and commitment to quality that are required in this line of work.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our selection of HeMaTech equipment.