This technology is ideal for measuring parts that are fragile or flimsy.

The Benefits of 2D Vision Inspection Services

MicronPA offers non-contact vision system inspection because it provides many advantages to our clients. This technology is:

  • Fast: Traditional CMM systems and other contact inspections can take time to set up for an accurate reading. When you can’t afford downtime, vision inspection systems are much faster without sacrificing accuracy.

Our non-contact vision inspections can be valuable tool for injection molded connectors as part of our first article inspection (FAI) services.

Why Choose MicronPA?

At MicronPA, our trained technicians use best industry practices at our accredited and certified facility. We approach inspection needs by taking time to understand your operation’s unique requirements and crafting a personalized testing protocol. We’re dedicated to delivering accurate results with every service so we can provide the greatest value for your organization.

We also understand that time is a valuable resource, so we offer quick responses and turnaround times to ensure you can keep up with production demands. You can trust our team to handle your inspection needs with minimal interruption to your workflow.

Request a Free Quote for CMM Vision System Inspection

With over 30 years of experience in our line of work, MicronPA is a valuable resource to your company. With our vision CMM systems, we can provide comprehensive 2D inspections of your components for improved accuracy.

Our facility is based in York, PA, and we work with operations across Pennsylvania and beyond. Request a quote for vision inspection services at your convenience, or contact us for more information.