Based in York, Pennsylvania, we offer mobile calibration services throughout Central PA and beyond. Our team will coordinate with you to get the job done efficiently so you can maintain full productivity while we work. Less disruption also means less chance of damage to delicate instruments, a common occurrence when removing and shipping equipment for calibration. It also ensures full transparency, as you can see our technicians in action and be confident that they will perform all work to the highest standards of accuracy and integrity.

Best of all, MicronPA offers mobile calibrations for no additional charge. Effectively, you are getting a free upgrade to same-day service. To request a quote, contact our lab directly.

Our Mobile Calibration Capabilities

MicronPA’s mobile calibration services are an easy and convenient way to meet compliance requirements and ensure accuracy in your facility. We are qualified to provide:

  • Mechanical calibrations: MicronPA provides mobile mechanical calibration of bore gauges, calipers, micrometers, microscopes, thermocouples, torque wrenches and many other instruments. We use sophisticated tools to calibrate, adjust and validate to NIST-traceable, A2LA-approved standards. All work is performed and documented in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2017, ANSI/NCSL Z540-1:1994, MIL-STD-45662A and other relevant protocols.
  • Electrical calibrations: We are also fully qualified to perform mobile electrical calibrations to thermometers, oscilloscopes, power quality monitors and other equipment. Our mobile service truck features a Fluke 5520A/SC600 calibrator and Wavetek 1281 digital multimeter — state-of-the-art tools capable of performing highly-accurate calibrations on some of today’s most sophisticated digital and electrical instruments.

fluke 5520A

Advantages of Micron’s Mobile Calibration Services

For many industries, from aerospace to pharmaceutical, immediate mobile calibration is a necessity. It’s also a convenience, even for routine measurements and calibrations. As an industry veteran, MicronPA recognizes the advantages that mobile calibration offers companies, which is why we provide trusted mobile gage calibration services to businesses throughout central Pennsylvania, as well as Virginia and Maryland.

micronpa temperature controlled on site calibration van

Standards for Mobile Calibration

As an accredited calibration service provider with more than two decades of experience, we understand the strict standards of the industry. That’s why our exceptional technicians, who undergo training and testing through the National Association for Proficiency Testing (NAPT), adhere to the nationally accepted procedures of ANSI, ASTM, ASME and NAVAIR to deliver reliable calibration results.

Our commitment to industry-standard best practices is also why we’ve received accreditation from the following organizations:

  • American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA)

MicronPA is ISO/IEC 17025:2017, ISO 9001:2015, ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994, and ANSI/NCSL Z540.3 accredited.

Processes for Mobile Gage Calibration Services

Our family-owned and operated business respects your company’s time, which is why our mobile gage calibration services are prompt as well as thorough. We deliver that level of service by maintaining a fleet of mobile calibration vans that are fully equipped with the necessary tools and are temperature controlled to ensure the accuracy and precision of our measurement and calibration equipment.

Our technicians can calibrate, adjust and verify one or multiple pieces of equipment — often in a day or less. Depending on your hardware, however, it may mandate calibration and adjustment off-site. If this is the case, our team will let you know before you schedule an appointment for mobile calibration.

Competitive Edge of MicronPA Mobile Calibration

Companies across central Pennsylvania choose our mobile calibration services because we offer a competitive edge, which includes the following advantages:

  • Prevent equipment damage: An all-too-common risk of shipping your equipment for calibration is damage by the handler. Opting for mobile calibration with MicronPA, versus off-site calibration services, lets you bypass this risk.
  • Eliminate calibration delays: Another drawback of shipping your equipment is delivery delays. Bad weather, as well as handler errors, can all result in your hardware arriving later at our facility, which can impact your company’s productivity. Our mobile gage calibration services remove that threat.
  • Maximize productivity: A hassle for many companies is preparing and packaging their equipment for shipment, as well as unpacking it upon its return. With our mobile calibration services, you can maximize your facility’s productivity by asking our team to come to you. Plus, you can decrease any potential downtime.
  • Minimize expenses: Unlike other mobile calibration providers, MicronPA doesn’t inflate its prices for mobile service. Instead, our rates are identical to our standard price for same-day service. We also help you save by removing the cost and labor of shipping.

Request a Quote for MicronPA Mobile Calibration Services

At MicronPA, we offer more than 20 years of measurement and calibration experience. We’ve applied that experience to establishing our mobile gage calibration service, as well as designing a fleet of mobile calibration vans that are capable of delivering comprehensive service, as well as reliable calibration results to your company.

Learn more about our mobile calibration services by contacting us today for a quote.