Every day, you undertake processes that require accurate measurements, quality control and compliance. You rely on your instruments to provide the correct readings every time, which is why you need regular laboratory calibration services from a company with technologically advanced equipment and an understanding of your industry’s requirements.

The solution is MicronPA. Our York, PA lab provides a range of testing, calibration and maintenance services for a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, defense and pharmaceutical. Our team truly listens to your needs and can provide both on-site services and instrument pickup and delivery. Our accredited calibration services and certifications have earned an American Association for Laboratory Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025:2017, ANSI/NCSLI Z540-1-1994 and ANSI/NCSLI Z540.3 standards.

When you work with MicronPA, you will have ultimate peace of mind regarding the accuracy and reliability of your equipment.

NIST-Traceable Laboratory Calibration Services

We offer a wide range of laboratory calibration services for everything from gages to multimeters and torque wrenches. Our environmentally controlled facility features the latest technology and machines to augment our technicians’ ability to provide consistent and accurate results. When we’re done, we’ll give you the documentation to satisfy all industry, regulatory or audit requirements, so you can focus on your work.

Maintenance and Repairs

In addition to our testing, inspection and calibration services, we also handle repairs of anything from a simple Caliper to a complex electronic device. Whenever your instruments need more extensive repair or component changes, we can disassemble them, diagnose the issue and restore their performance. When we’re done, our technicians will calibrate and adjust the device to make sure you get the most accurate reading possible.

Rush Calibration Services

Receiving inaccurate readings from your instruments can cause costly delays and quality assurance issues. MicronPA understands you cannot go long periods without your necessary equipment, so we work hard to deliver our repair and calibration services quickly without sacrificing quality.

You can usually expect to have your equipment back in five days or less. If that’s not quick enough for your needs, we provide expedited calibration services. We schedule this upon request with advance notice, and we’ll make sure we provide prices and all necessary details at the time of your request.

Our Full List of Services

Choose MicronPA for your calibration, testing, inspection and repair needs. Our range of complete calibration services includes:

Gage Calibration

We use world-class automation software and equipment to perform gage calibrations ranging from dimensional calibration to electrical RF/microwave work. We’re known for high accuracy, fast turnaround times, competitive prices and personal service.

Gage Repair and Testing

We test and repair gages used by various industries, including manufacturing, energy, and research and development. We have experience working with many different types of gages.

Mechanical Calibration

When you bring your equipment to us for mechanical calibration, we’ll make adjustments and minor repairs.

Pressure Gage Calibration

Our pressure gage calibration services can accommodate up to 36,000 PSI depending on your equipment. We have experience calibrating everything from vacuum gages to barometers to pressure meters and transducers.

Torque Transducer and Torque Wrench Calibration

Our measurement ranges for your torque equipment include 25 inch ounces to 2,000 pound-feet for torque transducers and 5 inch ounces to 2,000 pound-feet for other torque equipment. We have experience calibrating torque devices of popular makes and models.

Dimensional Calibration Services

As part of our range of services, we provide dimensional calibration services to help you provide the most accurate and cost-effective products and improve your overall success. You can feel confident we’ll get to know your business and its priorities inside and out.

Micrometer Calibration

We know how essential micrometers are to your daily processes, which is why we perform inside, outside, bore, depth and thread pitch micrometer calibration. We have experience with multiple brands, including Fowler, Mitutoyo and Starrett.

FLUKE Multimeter Calibration

Our team can calibrate handheld, portable and bench multimeters from FLUKE according to ISO and ANSI standards.

Electronic Calibration

We use a wide variety of sophisticated tools to perform electronic calibration. We’ll also provide a full long-form certificate after we’re done to give you all the information you need for data analysis purposes.

Multimeter Calibration

We perform digital multimeter calibration with strict adherence to all OEM standards. We know how to work with all major brands of digital multimeters as well as handheld and benchtop models.

National Instruments Equipment Calibration

Your virtual instrumentation software and automatic test equipment from National Instruments are vital for accuracy. We calibrate all these instruments to help you maintain your quality standards.

Microwave and RF Calibration

MicronPA has an extensive background working with microwave and RF devices., and we’ll accurately calibrate your devices that use microwave or radio frequencies so you can get precise results.

Mobile Gage Calibration

Our mobile services are convenient and easy for your company. We’ll ensure your instruments meet all industry and regulatory compliance requirements.

On-Site Gage Calibration

We adhere to the same strict guidelines when performing on-site gage calibrations. Our technicians have an established skillset and engage in ongoing professional development to learn the latest techniques, which ensures they can calibrate your gages wherever you are.

Specialty Services

Our specialty services for calibrating class XXX plain rings and class XXX plain plugs ensure expertise and attention to detail. We also perform 120-inch length standard calibration.

3D Scanning and Part Inspection

We use two advanced tools, the Creaform 3D HandyPROBE and the Creaform MetraSCAN, to provide 3D scanning and inspection services. This allows us to offer full-service solutions that are both fast and cost-effective.

Choose MicronPA Today

To learn more about our services and how they can benefit your business, request a quote online or call MicronPA at 717-266-5775.