MicronPA is committed to remaining at the cutting edge of scanning, inspection and calibration technology. We are one of the few companies offering 3D scanning and inspection services to clients in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia. Using state-of-the-art tools and technologies, we can provide in-depth insights that help you develop better products, improve quality control and meet your regulatory requirements.

Keep reading to learn more about our capabilities and the potential benefits they can have for organizations in manufacturing, medical technology, aerospace and other highly technical industries.

State of the Art 3D Technology at MicronPA

We use two advanced tools to provide on-site and laboratory 3D scanning and inspections for our clients:


  • Creaform 3D HandyPROBE: The HandyPROBE is a portable system that allows our technicians to provide on-site scanning and inspections of parts and components. It is quick and easy to use, with no complicated setup procedures that lead to extended downtime for your team. The system provides metrology-grade measurements that are accurate to 0.020 mm with high repeatability.


  • Creaform MetraSCAN: The Creaform MetraSCAN is the fastest 3D scanner currently on the market. Capable of performing 480,000 measurements per second, it is 12 times faster than the previous generation of equipment. Like the HandyPROBE, it is also highly portable and extremely accurate. Measurements are metrology-grade and accurate to within 0.030 mm, with a resolution of up to 0.050 mm.

Our 3D scanning tools complement our existing dimensional inspection capabilities to provide full-service solutions that are fast and cost-effective. Our team brings more than 30 years of experience to every project plus an emphasis on smart and forward-thinking solutions that reflect the reality of your industry and your organization.

Unique 3D Scanning and Inspection Applications at MicronPA

From the prototyping and product development stages to ensuring quality control during manufacturing, we are your partner for long-term growth and success. Potential applications for our 3D scanning and inspection services include:

  • Part-to-CAD analyses
  • Tooling certifications
  • First article and supplier product quality inspections
  • Conformity assessments of original parts or production tooling against 3D models
  • Conformity assessments of manufactured parts against their originals

Our scanning and measuring tools can produce up to 30 point/second multi-shot measurements. For a detailed list of technical specifications and potential applications, contact our lab directly or attend a free demonstration.

See Our 3D Scanning and Inspection Capabilities in Person

The best way to explore the benefits of our 3D scanning and inspection services is to join us for a free demonstration. We host lunch-and-learn events in our York, PA, lab on the last Friday of every month. Contact Us today for an upcoming session.

Alternately, we can provide on-site demonstrations for clients located in PA, MD or VA. If desired, our technicians can use one of your parts or products to show the extensive capabilities of our advanced 3D measuring technology.

Ready to get started? We are happy to provide mobile service. Request a quote for a 3D scanning or inspection in Virginia, Maryland or Pennsylvania by contacting our head lab in York, PA.

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